Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's about stink'n time!!!!

It's been seven years and we are finally seeing snow. Enjoy the pictures. You can tell we aren't accustomed to snow because look at Maci's outfit. You know your in the the south when you run out to play in the snow in a pair of capri type pajama pants and sperry's. I took pictures after they cam in because of the snow that was still on them.
Manasseh doesn't have a clue what is going on. He didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we did.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on the Whittons

I believe the last time I blogged was when Sara Kate and Bryce were here during our Christmas break. I can't figure out if we have been too busy, too boring, or if everything else we have done since then pales in comparison to the time they were here. I'll let you be the judge.

The best of both worlds....

Needless to say I was living in the best of both worlds during their stay. Enough said.

Bayley's birthday was January 6th and there were festivities to be had. Let me just say that I am NOT adjusting well to these whole double digit ages. Furthermore, it is NOT a good idea to have a house full of a bunch of 10 year old girls and suggest they play the Wii game Disney Sing It. Not unless you enjoy 200 girls singing at the top of their lungs. Don't worry Scott, I'll be sure that you are able to attend the encore presentation. I know how much you would love to be a part of that and just for your listening pleaseure... Shana and I will do a special song just for you. Hey, dreams can come true.
Anyway, Granda and GDaddy sent the ultimate gift. Are you ready? A hair dryer and a straightner. I'll let you watch the video of her opening it.

After that video for your viewing pleasure... Aunt Barbara sent a present that knocked Bayley's socks off. It's a good thing too because she cant give herself a pedicure with socks on. She was elated.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to try something new at our house. We decided that each night someone different would cook dinner all by themselves. Who's genious idea was this? MINE!!!! Did I tell you the other stipulation to this tantilizing tale? If you cook... you have to clean up the kitchen. We have had chicken spaghetti (Maci), Grilled chicken(Paul), Hard Taco's(Bayley), and home made Lasagna(ME). The next week, Maci made Mexican Build Up and Tuesday Paul made Fiesta Lime Chicken (YUM). We were not there on Thursday and Friday night. At the end of each week we vote for our favorite meal. Up to this point Paul had won each week. I forgot to mention that I am taking two online courses at Central Georgia Technical college. Paul is taking 3 courses to get his Masters in Educational Leadership at Tennessee Temple. Needless to say, we have all 4 been inundated with homework every night the last 3 to 4 weeks.
Last week, Maci made Mandarine chicken and Rice. Because of the homework and all no one else was able to cook that week. MACI WON!!!! This was a long awaited victory for her and she didn't even care that she won by default. She's not competative.
Oh, by the way our 16th year anniversary was this past weekend and Paul and I went to Stone Mountain. Walking down the mountain isn't as easy and carefree as you think. Especially when the whole thing is made of granite. On the way home we stopped at IKEA. Paul bought himself a Wok and I bouht those cool little spice racks I've been wanting forever.
Monday night Paul made Stir Fry and Tuesday night Maci made stuffed Manicotti. They were both very very good. Tonight was Bayley's night and her entree of choose was Breakfast Burritos. She was very proud of them. They were delicious as well. After dinner we started this little Trivia game. We each ask trivial questions for the others to answer. Bayley is all about this game. She is studying early America and such right now, so a lot of her questions have been about that. Although tonight she through us a curve ball. She busted out some science. She asked "what is it called when the clouds let off moisture" (or something like that I wasn't really listening). Paul answered the question and he was right. She asked the next question (again not really listening) and Paul answered it again (show off) and she said "No... your so close I think that's it" Apparently she didn't know the answer either.
Anyway..... that is a quick update of the things that have been going on here in Lizella. Consider yourslef informed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's been a long time.....

I have been reminded on several different occasions that I have yet to update my blog. And what is even more sad, :(.... there is usually only two people that read it. You know the volume of harassment is great when only 2 people can get to you enough to make you spew verbiage across the information highway.
Just a quick over view of the last couple of months. We finished out October and went right into November in a hurray as usual. Thanksgiving was wonderful and we were most Thankful for the family that God has blessed us with. The annual day after Thanksgiving shopping trip was dwindled down to just Me, Granda & G Daddy. Shana and her family had to go to Atlanta to celebrate with Brad's family, and we decided that Barbara is entirely too crazy. (We are slow learners) We waited and sauntered out to Cleveland around lunch time and staked our claim on the few items we selected from the catalogs and ate lunch at a questionable Mexican restaurant (no thanks to Scott) and didn't even have to wrestle anyone to the ground and pounce on their head for anything.
We came home on Friday evening to get ready for our Children's Christmas Play that was happening on the 29th and 30th. THEY DID AN AWESOME JOB. I have a couple of pictures to share. The following weekend was the annual Cookie Day weekend. As usual we had a lot of fun and it was very educational. I thought I might share a couple of the morsels of information with everyone.....
1. You should never take Mom and Barbara to Bojangles on a COLD night hemmed up in the back of a car. And most importantly... don't skimp on the ooey gooey.
2. I do have Satin lips and I'm not afraid to use them.
3. G Daddy is such a treasured part of the group that it didn't even matter that he dropped a whole pan of cookies in the floor.
4. And one other tid bit. I can count and Shana can't.
5. Robin is the QVC queen. Love the bowl set!!

After that is when it all began. Shopping trips, Christmas Parties, the adult cantata and much more. It was all great and very tiring. Christmas day came and went and all was GREAT. As usual Granda and G Daddy out did themselves. They bought the girls a Wii. I am soooo sore. We have had A LOT of fun family time with that present. No broken windows or TV so far.
Bayley called and told "Uncle BO" that she missed him and wanted to know if he would come and see her. HE DID. We were over at Mr. and Mrs. Whitton's when he arrived. On the way back to Granda's to see him, she said, and I quote, "My tummy if flip flopping" and I said "Why?" and she replied... "I haven't seen him in sooo long." Upon repeating that to Bo and Sue, Sue replied... "I used to feel that same way." I'm not trying to start anything... I just thought that was very funny. We later sat down to a friendly game of Mad Gab... I think Bo and Sue may need marital counseling now. I seem to remember his statement "Just because your with your Cookie Club sisters doesn't mean you can get lippy" To which she replies "I'm with my peeps" Don't worry Sue, we got your back. Even if he is a smidgen taller than me. I aint sceered.
I was able to get all my Christmas decorations and winter cleaning done on Monday after we got home. G Daddy made Paul and I chopping block/cabinet. We got it all set up and organized. Shana called on Monday afternoon and asked if Bryce and Sara Kate could come and stay with us a couple of days for her and Brad to go to an event in Toccoa. We were happy to do so. (I'm serious Shana)
I picked them up today in Atlanta around 11:30. We have not done much of anything that is very special. After supper, we decided to bake some cookies. Sara Kate has been my shadow and quite the little helper.
I have some footage and some pictures to record this occasion. For a couple of very important reasons which I will share with you at the end of the blog

Now, 1st of all, the kids did a super job on their Christmas program. Thank you G Daddy, Granda and Aunt Barbara for coming down to watch it.
As for the great cookie bake.... there are a couple of details that I feel need to be brought to every ones attention. As Sara Kate stated, accessories are always important, even while baking. If you will notice, the bow and the apron match. Her necklace was just an added bonus. And I will have to say, the cookies tasted that much better for it.

Bryce stayed with us long enough to break the egg, but he was not on board with the matching accessories. (he must get that from Shana) Anyway, he can break an egg with the best of them.

Stay tuned for another post in the next couple of months.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All things Family

This has been one of the busiest 2 days of our lives. As everyone knows, we haven't been to visit my family since the end of July. We had 2 1/2 months worth of fun to pack into two days. So buckle your seat belts and hold on. It will be a bumpy ride.

It all started about mid day Friday. Sara Kate wanted to get her ears pierced. Since, apparently, I am all things fru fru, I was elected the one to take her (that and her Mom is chicken). We got to the mall and went straight to the ear piercing place. As my luck would have it, the other lady wouldn't be in for about an hour. Never fear, I thought, we'll just go eat lunch and come back. So that is exactly what we did. As divine intervention would have it, the ear piercing place was right beside "The Great American Cookie Co." There is a God and He is good. (and so are the double doozies) After what seemed like 2 hours, both of the ear piercing personnel where present and accounted for. Let's get this show on the road. Sara Kate had been so patient and I was afraid she was going to change her mind. I have video of this monumental occasion, so I am going to let it speak for itself.

The abrupt end to the video was do to the waterworks that I detected were eminent. She had absolutely no desire to gaze upon herself right after they were done. She wanted to, and I quote, "go home right now". After a few minutes, I talked her into picking out another pair of ear rings and I finally got her to look in the mirror. She was very pleased with what she saw. However, she still has NO desire to watch this video herself.

I would also be amiss if I didn't mention how patient and compassionate Bryce was during this whole excursion. He was the picture of a great Big Brother. He didn't even complain that every store he went in was dripping with pink and sparkly things. We did however, manage to find some kind of Poke Mon thing that didn't have pink on it and we snatched it up and bought it before they realized it was in the wrong store.

After all of that drama, we came to Granda's. Their first activity was getting fit on the WII fit, while I recharged my battery. Not long after that the kids talked G-Daddy into a "Golf Cart Ride" Let's just go ahead and get this out in the open. G-Daddy is getting to be a big softy in his retirement years. I came out to see what they were doing, and G-Daddy was sitting on the steps of the Deck and the children were driving the Golf Cart. To this they replied. We are getting our Golf Cart License. Well, I don't know how thorough the instructor could have been sitting on the side lines, but I will say Thank Goodness the DMV is a little more hands on with giving out drivers license to the public. Anyway, they are all officially "Golf Cart Licensed" ( a piece of card board with their official given name and birth date, and they are filed away in the "glove compartment" of the golf cart in case they are pulled over by a deer on duty some day.

After the golf cart ride, came the great pumpkin painting extravaganza. Not much to say that you can't predict about painting a pumpkin other than, enjoy the pictures.
By this time we (the adults) are give out. So its off to be with everyone.

The morning started with the sound of a rocket launching (which we also did the night before ((not kidding)) Seriously, we really launched a rocket. Not kidding, Where does the whole rocket launching thing come into play this morning you ask. Let me tell you. When we are all here, G-Daddy HAS to make his famous waffles. He bought a high dollar waffle maker because this one literally sounds like a rocket breaking the sound barrier as it lands from Mars. Not only is it a wonderful waffle maker it is also handy in the alarm clock department for those who need a little extra help waking up in the morning. However, he has been known to make waffles out on the deck as to not wake any the children before Granda has her coffee. This is strictly for the safety of the children. But I digress...... G-Daddy made his waffles and Uncle Brad his perfect fried eggs on toast with sausage and gravy. Yummy!

Now, the photo shoot. We always try to have Aunt Shana take pictures while we are here. I may be fru fru in the appearance dept. but Shana is all about the picture taking. Seriously, we walked all over these 28 acres to find the perfect spot for Maci and Bayley's photo op.

Upon returning from the photo shoot, we ate lunch and started straight away on decorating cupcakes. Each child was suppose to have 6 cup cakes to decorate with various types of candy. Aunt Shana stole a couple of somebodies and decorated them herself. They all turned out beautiful. After cleaning up the kitchen from that we enjoyed sitting a spell on the front porch. Although that could have happened before, I'm not exactly sure.

After supper, we cleaned up the kitchen again and went outside to the bon fire. There we sang old camp songs and roasted marsh mellows for smores. YUM YUM. Aunt Shana stressed the whole time that someone would fall in the fire. But no one did. We all enjoyed our sweet treat and laughed at each others shenanigans.

Then on to the hay ride. You will see in the video the masks that Sara Kate and Shana had to wear. If I'm not mistaken, Shana referred to the whole thing as an allergy infested bed of Hell. Enough said.

We ended the night by sitting around the bon fire again and playing a silly little game that made us laugh. I have to say, I am so thankful for a family that enjoys being together. And goes out of their way to make the time that we do spend together soooo special. Thank you Granda, G-Daddy, Uncle Brad, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Shana. I love you!!!

P.S. Granda has passed out beside me and is muttering something about, "this was the big one Elizabeth"

P.S.S. Oh and Maci rode a motorcycle. That was nerve racking.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


That is MY battle cry. I finally got it. Please enjoy the video montage (how cool am I) of the game tonight. We won 48 to 16!!! GO RAMS!!!! There is no stopping me now.
I'm still working on manning the camera to the best of its ability. I just might have it under control by Basketball season.

There is a girl on the squad that reminds me soooo much of Sara Kate. This has GOT to be what she is going to look like when she gets older. When you see a close up of a blonde doing the "get fired up" crowd cheer, tell me what you think. Bayley & I are in complete agreement.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Three cheers for Bayley. The voting has been done. The ballots have been counted and Bayley has been announced the winner. She has now officially started her reign as the Student Council Secretary at Skyview Elementary. She has promised in her campaign that Bayley is a name you can trust. She has also promised to be all that she should be for her fellow students.

When asked.... "what does this mean you will be doing" she replied without trepidation and I quote..... "I don't know, but I am the 3rd most important person at Skyview, other than the Principal and all the Teachers." All us "little people" should feel proud to have such a go getter representing us.

Not only is she the 3rd most important person in the whole school (except for the Principal and Teachers that is) she is also the camera girl for WSKY. (the schools TV station) She will begin that monumental task on Monday. This task, she is a little more sure of her responsabilities.... She has to step over a cord several times during the broadcast. If she doesn't, she will trip over it and as she said "there goes WSKY"

I thought you might would like to read a copy of her campaign speech:

Good morning my fellow Countrymen,

My name is Bayley Whitton. We are young, we are free. The sky is the limit for our possibilites. As I think of each students roaming the halls, the thought comes to mind, "They need direction." Direction calls for Leadership. I am fully prepared to do all that is whithin my power to make your time at Skyview Elementary the best that it can be. So remember.... Vote for me "Bayley Whitton" for Secretary.

God Bless America!

We are keeping her campaign posters, she may need them in the year 2025.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Plant Cells?

Even though this week is National Stay at Home Week, or so I'm told. We have been anything but staying at home. Neither Skyview Elementary nor Covenant Academy got the memo. Well, I take that back. Apparently Maci's cheer coach did, because she wasn't there today or yesterday causing me to have to make a trip to Covenant to pick Maci up.

If my children would let us know that they need things before the eleventh hour, all would be right in the world. This whole middle school thing takes a lot to get used to. When they are in Elementary school, they get all kinds of papers keeping us informed as to what is coming up and what we need to do. Well, that is so not the case in Middle School. I haven't seen an informative piece of paper much less a graded paper. They don't know Maci all that well, or they would revert to safety pinning notes to her shirt. She must be doing o.k. They mailed her progress report and she did quite well.

Now for the reason for this blog..... She has a report due at the end of this week. Can you believe it? She is going to turn it in tomorrow. We are so far ahead of schedule it is scary. I can't get ahead of myself. She told us Sunday afternoon, she had to have a board for her science project and that she had to have it by Monday. I got in the car Monday afternoon, and guess what was in the back seat. HER BOARD!!!!! Anyway, her project is finished, and if she actually turns it in tomorrow she will get extra credit.

She did this all by herself. She made the brownies (from scratch). Her daddy broke a fire ball so that it would take its place as the cell's nucleus (or something like that). The rest she did all by herself. I think the most challenging part of the whole thing was keeping Bayley and her Daddy out of the candy and brownies until she got what she needed. Way to go Maci!!!! Here are a few pictures. She is very proud of herself.

I am to understanad that this will be graded and then consumed during lunch. Talk about weird science.